Your Four Doctors on Call 24/7

We live in a world of many specialists. There are many doctors for the thousands of ailments that befall our bodies. They have hundreds upon hundreds of ways to treat these ailments, yet no physician heals; they all treat the body though. The body does all the healing in response to their treatment. The body always does the healing in response to some action or procedure.

Here are four doctors I believe we should always listen to: Dr. Diet, Dr. Happiness, Dr. Quiet and Dr. Movement.

Dr. Diet provides the foundation for wellbeing. Food and drink dramatically affect our energy levels, which in turn influences our emotional and our mental reality. We are what we eat. Natural fresh foods and vegetables sound even better than synthetic, preserved or processed foods.

Dr. Happiness helps us not only with our state of mind, but also with our bodily functions. Happy thoughts produce natural endorphins, strengthening our bodies against disease. Laugh more often. See the brighter side; there is always one. Positive mental attitude creates more solutions than worry or fear.

Dr. Quiet recharges your body. Take time during the day and tune out in order to tune in and recharge your energy. Science has showed us the value of closing your eyes for a few minutes and doing some steady breathing for relaxation. If you can take a nap, fifteen minutes can make all the difference. Make sure you get a full nights sleep. Sleep rejuvenates your body.

Dr. Movement is most important. If you don’t use it you lose it. Life is movement. Twenty minutes of walking three times a week extends your health for a full 24 hours. Listen to these doctors; they will help you without adverse side effects. Your body will thank you with better health.

Dr. Frank J. Ungerland III, DC