Your Very Own Yoga Teacher in Your Living Room

Imagine getting home from a busy day in the office or finally having a moment to yourself once your baby/children are asleep and……..there she is!   Standing on a yoga mat in your lounge room………….is your very own yoga teacher! There to guide you through your very own yoga class from the comfort of your own home. No need for you to rush to a class or worry about throwing on your designer yoga gear in order to look the part…..

Okay back to reality.

Like most people, you’ve probably taken a yoga class at some point, maybe you dabbled in it for a short time or remember when you were obsessed with it never missing a class.

Then life gets in the way. You change jobs or move house and don’t get around to finding a new studio or gym near your new workplace or home. Maybe your workload increases or you become a parent or any number of other legitimate reasons and sadly your yoga practice drifts away to remain stuck in your past.  Or maybe you travel a lot.

Virtual yoga lessons

Virtual yoga

Imagining your own yoga teacher in your living room – or hotel room for that matter – actually isn’t too far fetched; the only difference is that your teacher will be on your TV screen.

Classes will be conducted live; you can see and hear your teacher, she can see and hear you and you can receive verbal adjustments and feedback just like in a regular yoga class.

What you’ll need

A computer or iPad with:

  • ooVoo (free, like Skype and takes only a few minutes to download).

You create an account with ooVoo (free) and 5-10 minutes prior to class you log on to ooVoo so that your teacher can see you’re online and ready to go. You’ll have to position your computer or iPad so that you can be seen on the screen.

Benefits of yoga at home

  • Practice in the comfort of your home
  • Classes are small so you get our personal attention
  • Instant feedback and posture corrections
  • Practice at your own pace
  • Choose a time that fits around your commitments
  • Keep up your yoga practice by logging in whilst you are traveling

Interested in Learning More?

Three Clouds Yoga can offer this amazing service, so contact them to learn how to have a virtual yoga teacher.