Working out? Use essential oils to boost your next sweat session

Working out can be difficult, and finding the motivation to go to the gym can be even harder. You can use essential oils such as peppermint, lemon or grapefruit as natural remedies to boost your motivation and improve your performance. You can buy CBD oil in South Africa to help your muscles recover after a strenuous workout or use as part of a relaxing massage. Below are some of the best essential oils to use before, during and after a workout.

Before you hit the gym

Before you get physical, you need to get scented. Aromatherapy is highly effective in boosting your energy, which is especially effective for those early-morning workouts. You should look for an essential oil for sale that makes you feel energised, such as the ones outlined below:




  • Juniper: Juniper essential oil is known for being a natural stimulant,  so it is ideal for rubbing onto your pulse points before your morning workout. Put a few drops onto your skin at least half an hour before you head off to the gym so it is fully absorbed and working before you arrive.



  • Eucalyptus: This essential oil is well-known for its soothing scent, but it is also perfect for boosting your energy levels before an early morning run. It is known to boost blood circulation which increases brain power, allowing you to remain awake and alert before your workout.



  • Bergamot mint: If you feel as though you are lacking in inspiration before your workout, Bergamot mint is a powerful oil that can help to clear your mind and calm the nerves. It has a mild citrus scent with minty undertones, known for providing an energy boost when most needed.


During your workout

It might sound strange to use essential oils during your workout, but they can help to keep you going when the going gets tough. To stay calm before a race or a strenuous exercise, look for CBD oil for sale to calm your nerves. Try some of the oils suggested below for an optimum workout:


  • Peppermint: As you workout, you can become short of breath, which is why having peppermint oil close to hand will help to clear nasal passages. Peppermint oil also provides a much needed energy boost when you are feeling tired, so keep a small bottle handy to breathe in while working out.



  • Lemongrass: Similarly to lemon, lemongrass essential oil can help to give you an increase in energy and clear any ‘brain fog’ you may experience during a workout. It contains a compound known as citral, which helps to produce heat throughout the body, which can make your workout more effective.



  • Geranium: Using geranium can help to eliminate stress, which is ideal for those training for a race or competition. It also has a heavenly rose-like smell which can help to reduce the smell of sweat that we all experience during a workout. Dab a few drops onto your wrists and the backs of your knees for the aroma to truly develop during your session.


After the sweat session

So, your workout is complete and now you want to cool down and let your muscles recuperate? Essential oils can help immensely with cooling down and easing tired muscles. Try some of those listed below:


  • Rosemary and lavender: Rosemary and lavender are known for their calming and soothing properties, which make them perfect for a post-workout muscle rub. They relax the nerve impulse which can cause cramps, so be sure to rub some onto your muscles after a warm shower once you have finished working out.



  • Chamomile, sage and frankincense: These are known for soothing aching muscles and calming nerves, so are great to use after a competition or a particularly difficult session. Apply these oils directly onto the aching joint or muscle for optimum effectiveness and care.



  • Clove: Clove is a highly beneficial essential oil to have, as it can help with repairing the micro-tears in your muscles that occur after a workout. This is because it has the highest density of antioxidants of any oil, making it a vital component of any gym bag.


Fresh and focused

Using essential oils in your workout can enhance it significantly, boosting your performance and keeping you focused on your goals. Using citrus essential oils before a workout can help to energise you, and peppermint during your workout can help to ease your breathing and clear your mind. Use calming scents once you have finished working out will help to soothe your muscles and calm your nerves. Aromatherapy is not just for massages but can provide powerful healing and energising properties to athletes too.