The trick to being a fit non-gym rat


pexels-photo-58091-largeGym is not for everyone. There are a variety of different gyms available such as functional fitness training centres, CrossFit boxes, yoga studios and bootcamps but they’re all lead by an instructor in a group setting. And, this setup can strike fear in the hearts of non-gym rats. So while a fit and active lifestyle is ideal, you shouldn’t have to endure an uncomfortable environment to get this right.


Psychologists have done extensive research into the psychology of exercise


They’re constantly questioning why we become sedentary when, as children and throughout school, we’re innately active. The reasons they’ve found are many. But, ultimately, life is busy, it can be difficult and the lure of the couch is stronger than the pull of going to gym. Also, it’s difficult to hit the gym when you have an exaggerated idea of how weak and slow you’ll be. Even though nobody is really judging you (they all feel weak and slow too), you’re likely to feel rather vulnerable swinging around a tiny six kilogram kettlebell while you spill out of your spandex tights.


Finding ways to be active and fit without going to the gym is easy enough. You just need to bite the bullet and head outdoors.


In and around the cities in South Africa there are park gyms


These park gyms are actually traditional parks where people can picnic and children can play but the climbing structures and playthings are actually designed to be used as gym equipment too. This means that quality time with your kids can be a workout session for you too.


Coastline cities offer surfing adventures for young, old, newbies and seasoned water babies


Surfing is a fun sport, it’s an adrenalin rush and it requires full body movement and control to master. In other words, attending a surf school will see you working hard while you’re enjoying the ocean and its wild character.


Or, you could enjoy the ocean from up top a sailboat


Learning how to sail can be the most fun activity and one that the whole family can enjoy. Cape Town, Durban, PE or any of the coastal cities offer competent crew courses to those who’ve never sailed before as well as certifications to gain your commercial skippers license. So, they can eventually turn you into a highly skilled and experienced yachtsman if you so wish. Being on a yacht might sound leisurely but it requires an enormous amount of physical strength and stamina as you’re manually driving a boat against the pull of the ocean.


Take a hike


Hiking often gets a bad rap. It’s touted as an old person’s activity but it can be lots of fun. In fact, it’s becoming a popular group activity and there are hiking groups popping up all over the country. These are open groups so anyone can join in on the scheduled hikes and usually there’s a leader who is familiar with the route that the group will be exploring so you’ll be in safe hands.