Tips for kids fitness


Our children’s fitness is one of the most important priorities. We want them in the best possible condition for every event. Nothing could upset parents more than getting notification of the ill health of their child. Of course, we should therefore be considering all the ways we can prevent that by finding ways to keep our kids healthy and on some kind of fitness program.

Why it matters

Almost any school we send our kids to will have many ways to keep them active. Whether they’re in the single digits or older, schools tend to include numerous activities for kids.

As Family Doctor points out: “Regular physical activity can help prevent serious health problems that are associated with overweight and obesity.” Such issues include irregular sugar levels, high calories, high blood pressure, weak limbs and muscles, and exhaustion.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the American Academy of Pediatrics and the Council on Physical Education for Children all recommend at least one hour of fitness for kids.

What can fitness look like

One of the main issues is that fitness often isn’t fun. Kids will only do something if they gain enjoyment from it. They don’t understand the importance of keeping healthy or why fun shouldn’t be the main reason for doing something.

Yet, we can make fitness fun. In fact, adults themselves know this is important because it can help drive them to be fit, too. Some experts have noted, for example, kids can get fit in a variety of, often fun, ways.

“Kids can get aerobic through a variety of activities… including running, dancing, riding a bike, playing tag, soccer. For children, muscle-strengthening activities could be gymnastics, playing on a jungle gym or climbing a tree… while adolescents might pursue weightlifting, pull-ups and push-ups. Hopping, skipping, jumping, running, as well as playing sports like basketball, tennis and gymnastics can help strengthen bones.”

This means when we look at kids bikes for sale we know we’re helping them maintain their fitness, too. Of course, no activity does one thing. Riding a bike teaches them hand-eye coordination, balance and so on.  

Children can also enjoy numerous sports – indeed, many schools have mandatory sports participation. This can be enjoyable since it presents itself as a game, with competitions and winners, but also means kids get healthy and stay active. Everyone wins when we focus on keeping children healthy.