These 4 Supplements Deliver Better Performance of Body and Mind

We all know that there are a lot of wonderful physiological health benefits to be gained from taking vitamins and dietary supplements. However, there are some that truly stand out amongst other supplements for their ability to improve functions of both mind and body. These four supplements are some of the best available for helping to maintain a balanced well-being in regards to both mental health and physical health.

1. Modafinil: Individuals who have problems with fatigue or wakefulness disorders such as narcolepsy may find the stimulating effects of Modalert useful. With this Australian produced supplement, individuals who typically struggle to stay alert and awake will find their minds more able to focus and their bodies more easily staying awake.

2. SAM-e: For those suffering with slight emotional and mental imbalance problems such as mood swings, occasional bouts of depression, and unexplained fatigue related to these, SAM-e (s-adenosylmethionine) might be a great option. The natural SAM-e in our bodies is what helps to keep our mood in check while protecting the health of joints, and Nature Made’s SAM-e supplement helps to make sure the levels of these molecules are kept where they should be.

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3. Curcumin: Supplements that contain Curcumin are a great way for people to fortify themselves against age-related mental and physical health issues such as Alzheimer’s. Adding the anti-oxidants that supplements containing curcumin hold into your diet early on in life is an ideal way to keep your mind and body both active in your later years.

4. GABA Powder: Gamma-Amino Butyric acid, more commonly known as GABA, contains many of the same active ingredients as prescription strength anxiety medications. People who find themselves often stressed out or suffering from unexplained fear and anxiety may benefit from incorporating GABA supplements into their diets. While it creates the hormonal balance that prescriptions like Xanax do, it is not as likely to cause the side effects that come with taking such medications.

If you feel that your mind and body may need a bit of fine tuning in order to function better, talk with your physician about whether or not these supplements might be helpful to your body.