The best healthy restaurants in Cape Town

Going out to eat when you are on a diet or have a healthy lifestyle can be tricky. You have to find a place that offers both delicious food as well as options that will not counteract your diet. And, you have to put up with your friends groaning every time you mention the fact that you cannot order anything at a certain restaurant. 

Luckily for those who live in the Mother City, there are plenty of healthy restaurants in Cape Town to choose from. Below is just a small sampling of some of the best places to get a healthy (and delicious) bite to eat.

Sweetbeet, Canal Walk

Sweetbeet is the newest addition to Canal Walk and is one of the best restaurants in Cape Town for vegans and vegetarians to find a delicious meal or snack. Here you will find dishes such as smoothie bowls with Acai berries, delicious toast dishes with avocado and smoked trout (for the non-vegetarians) as well as gluten free orange and honey cakes.

Sweetbeet is the ideal place to stop off for a light lunch or an indulgent treat without the guilt. If you bring your own cup when ordering something to drink, you will be rewarded with a discount on the drink you order. You will also be able to buy reusable metal straw kits, as Sweetbeet is passionate about minimising their impact on the environment. As their motto goes, with Sweetbeet you can eat fresh and stay rad!

Cafe Frank, City Bowl

If you want to live your best foodie life, you should head on over to Cafe Frank in the City Bowl of Cape Town. Here you will find a diverse range of healthy juices and unique salads, such as rotisserie chicken or spinach-and-feta quiche with sides of beetroot, pear-and-feta salad, roast veg with thyme and much more.

The juices are light and refreshing, with flavours perfect for spring. Cafe Frank is perfect for the health conscious and is one of the most popular restaurants in Cape Town for relaxing afternoons full of delicious food and good company. While you might have to wait for your food to be cooked to order, the end result is absolutely scrumptious.

Hokey Poke, City Bowl

From the shores of Hawaii comes the newest health-food trend: the poke bowl (pronounced pokay). Hokey Poke in the City Bowl provides deliciously fresh options, such as the tuna bowl, filled with fresh tuna, shredded sea lettuce, sweet onions, toasted macadamias and furikake seasoning.

Their bowls range from the simple to the more complex, each with their own unique flavour and bursting with goodness. If you enjoy fresh, unique vegetables, Hokey Poke is the place for you. There are edamame beans, seaweed, radishes and cucumbers to tantalise and delight the senses as well as the option to build your own bowl. Whatever you choose from this quirky restaurant, you are sure to be surprised and satisfied.

Plant Cafe, CBD and Observatory

This vegan eatery is not just for the non-meat eaters. At Plant Cafe, everyone will find something delicious to munch on. If you are looking for the perfect breakfast wrap after a long workout, try their cauliflower scramble and tempeh bacon options. Or if you are looking for something more filling, the Plant Benedict with rich “Hollandaise” sauce is absolutely moreish.

Plant Cafe’s goal is to provide the tastiest preservative-free meals and maintain their ethical eating practices. If you are not sure about going vegan or even trying vegan food, this is one of the best restaurants in Cape Town to start at. Even those who prefer real bacon with their breakfasts rave about the delicious offerings to be found here.

Pulp Kitchen and Deli, Willowbridge

Pulp Kitchen and Deli invites you in with a warm smile and delectable aromas. It is a popular destination with healthy food fanatics in the Northern Suburbs and caters for all dietary requirements, including gluten-free, sugar-free, wheat-free, low-carb and more.

On the menu you will find dishes like delectable coffee French toast (made with gluten-free bread if need be), chicken and avocado gourmet sandwiches and vegetarian quesadilla options. Pulp is the perfect place to go for a light but filling meal, made with fresh ingredients and a touch of creativity. Their coffee is delicious and their smoothies are refreshing and unique. Stop by for a tasty and healthy lunch or dinner.

Healthy food is good food

Eating healthily does not mean that your lunch consists solely of salads and warm lemon water. You can indulge and eat desserts but have the pleasure of knowing there is no guilt behind your choices. Head off to Sweetbeet in the biggest mall in Cape Town for a unique take on vegetarian food or you can drive to the CBD of Cape Town for a unique poke bowl. The healthy restaurants in Cape Town allow you to eat great food and feel good while doing it.