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Useful tips for beginners when choosing training shoes

If you’re not an avid walker or runner, you would assume that any kind of athletic shoe design will do. Well, unfortunately not. With so many different makes and designs…


Seven tips from doctors to improve physical health

Excellent physical health is a key to successful maturing. Healthy diet routine and active lifestyle diminishes the odds of various genuine disease, for example, heart disease, diabetes and so forth….

Look younger without going under the knife

  Age ain’t nothing but a number. And if you look after yourself you should look good in all stages of your life. You don’t have to drain your bank…

8 unique ways to keep fit

Gym isn’t for everyone. Some people are built for it and others find it restrictive. However,  everyone needs to exercise. But you don’t have to stick to the conventional route….

8 common exercise mistakes

You have been diligent in your exercise routine, have a healthy eating plan, spent hours huffing and puffing on that treadmill, but the stomach fat will not go away. This…

Eating and exercising yourself toward health in 2017

What’s at the top of your new year’s resolution list? Probably something about losing weight, becoming more active or finally feeling comfortable wearing a swimming costume. Many of us struggle…