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6 benefits of fitness trackers

These days, everybody seems to be into the fitness tracking game. Trackers and monitors are being added to watches and smartphones, making it easy and more convenient for the user….


How to start your own yoga studio

Starting any business is difficult. Trying to lift it off the ground can take some time and you really need to have a thick skin to stick it through. But…


Eating and exercising yourself toward health in 2017

What’s at the top of your new year’s resolution list? Probably something about losing weight, becoming more active or finally feeling comfortable wearing a swimming costume. Many of us struggle…

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Simple techniques to improve health and fitness

Staying fit is often viewed as a chore. You can become exhausted, it’s sometime painful and it requires regularity and consistency to have an impact. Indeed, even if you do…


How to stick with your diet plan

During the workweek you’re pretty good about sticking with healthy habits. You order oatmeal for breakfast, hit the gym during your lunch break and whip up simple, light dinners after…


6 reasons to get fit in your 20s

Let’s be honest. You’re constantly bombarded with fitness habits you should be making in your 20s. When all you really want to do is have fun, explore everything the world…