How to stay fit and healthy without the gym

There is so much content available on how to get fit and healthy. There may not have been another period in 
history where exercise and being fit has been so popular. Everyone wants to be a star CrossFitter or the next bikini fitness model. Why? Because we can. We live in a technologically advanced society where you can truly be anything you want to be.


In the past, if you wanted to lose weight, get a model fit body or become a bodybuilder you had to join a gym or a club and then pay for the advice and personal training that was required. Now you can Google ways to change your body or turn your health around, and the results will be sufficient enough to help you achieve your goals.


Personal trainers and private gyms have also become extremely popular. While you can find out exactly what you should be doing, most people feel they still need a trainer to monitor and motivate them. However, the cost of a personal trainer is not something everyone can budget into their monthly expenses. So, sometimes you have to just do it yourself. With no gym and no personal trainer you can still keep fit and healthy, you just have to think creatively.


Walk everywhere


This might seem obvious but the benefits are never ending. In our modern world, we spend most of our time sitting. We sit in traffic to get to work everyday, we then sit in front of our computers and later move to on our couches when we get home because we’re tired and stressed. These instances of sitting can’t always be avoided. No one is suggesting you walk 20 kilometres to work or have a standing desk installed. But you should just get up and walk when the opportunity presents itself. Walk to the shops for food, walk downstairs to the bathroom, or upstairs your boss’s office on the top floor. Stop using elevators and your car unnecessarily. Also, don’t sit for longer than 30 minutes at work as it’s really unhealthy.  


Take your bike out for a spin


Mountain biking is a fairly popular sport nowadays but, like gym, you need to be passionate about it because it will take up your time and your money. If you have a bike though, even an old one, get it out and make use of it instead of a car. If you’re just popping down to the shops near your home, going to visit a friend for coffee or need to want your dog then use your bike to get where you need to be. Cycling is an aerobic activity that’ll get your blood pumping, your heart beating and your lungs will get a great workout.


Get busy in the sack


For many years people have excitedly exclaimed that having sex will make you lose weight. The truth is, having sex will only burn between 69 and 100 calories. So no, you can’t have regular sex and hope to suddenly lose a bunch of weight. But having sex can still assist you with becoming fit and healthy.


You see, having sex usually results in your heart pumping harder, you’re breaking a sweat, your lungs are working harder and your muscles and joints are being worked. Also, you’re releasing all the good chemicals into your system. You’ll receive a healthy dose of both oxytocin and a rush of endorphins, both of which will leave you happier and stronger. Now, if you don’t have a partner, no one is suggesting you rush out and find any willing participant. Rather indulge in purchasing a sex toy while you’re on the hunt for a healthy and happy relationship.


Do your chores like you’re working out


You have to clean your house whether you like it or not. You have to vacuum, clean the windows, do the dishes and so on. When you’re doing these activities turn them into mini workouts. When you’re vacuuming incorporate lunges instead of walking into your movement and while you’re washing the dishes, squat as you place each plate or cup into the drying wrack. Put some good music on, tunes that will help you feel energetic. If you don’t break a sweat you’re doing it wrong so next time get super creative.


Ultimately, the take out is that throughout your day if you keep moving you’re doing a good job. Choose to move all the time rather than remain sedentary, together with a healthy diet you should see and feel some positive changes in your body and your mind.