How to spend more time with your kids

From packing lunch bags, attending after-school activities and preparing dinner to help the kids with homework and then bedtime. As a parent, you’re doing all that on top of your normal nine-to-five. At the end of the day, you have just enough energy left to drag yourself to bed in order to wake up early and start with the routine again. Each day with your little ones feels like a week and each week like a month.

Yet as every birthday passes, the years seem to go the past quickly. Eight-months-olds become 8-years-olds in the blink of an eye and then 18-year-olds. The time goes so fast, therefore it’s important to spend a lot of time with your kids. Besides, every day brings new growth and milestones. Children need to spend meaningful time with you. They need to see who you are and need the opportunity to learn more about you.

It’s important to spend quality time with kids as it’s needed for their development and happiness. It doesn’t have to be for long hours, as long as it’s quality time. You should let them know that you love and care for them.

So, how can you spend more time with your kids? Here are four ways:

One-on-one time

Spending time with your kids is usually best when you’re doing something you both love and enjoy. If you have more than one kids, you can still do one-on-one sessions but also group activities. You can either go see the latest movie or take a walk to the park. The option is totally up to you. But it’s important to do this at least once or twice a month. It’s no need to have serious conversations, just a normal catch up. If you’re a single mom with more than one kid, spend quality time with each of them every Saturday. And maybe at the end of the month you can spend time as a family. You should mark the dates down on a calendar. It’s not just to remind you of one-on-one time but also show your children you make this quality time a priority. One-on-one sessions with your kids are always great to discuss and share feelings. That way you’ll know exactly what challenges your kids are facing.

Make time for them during the day

It’s important that you integrate daily time in your schedule. Besides, children love to help and would jump at an opportunity to get their hands dirty. Go to the park and play with them for a few minutes. If you want to, you can even install your own jungle gyms in your backyard. Make it a DIY project for you and the children. Do you often bake? Well, have them to help you with the ingredients and the actual baking. Do you perhaps have to go to the grocery store? Take them with and make a fun time out of grocery shopping. You can even allow them to help you prepare dinner. They can help by contributing to the preparation process. It might become a bit messy and will also take more time, but you’ll see the children will love it. And they’ll become your greatest helpers.

Break away from your daily lives

Everyone is busy, some more than others. But through your busy life, you should slide in a “timeout” session for you and your children to spend a few minutes together. It doesn’t have to be long, just as you don’t do anything work-related. Make this a regular thing and your children will get used to it. Are you so busy that you don’t even have break time available? Wake your child up 15 minutes before the time so you can have extra time to do something fun in the morning. Whether it’s making breakfast or going for a walk, as long as you spend time with them. You might think that 15 minutes won’t be enough but to a child, it is 15 extra minutes that they can spend with you.

Phantom time

Do you leave home early and return late afternoon? Perhaps you don’t have any moment to spare in between. Well, you can still let your children know you care. Write notes and put it in their lunch boxes or school bags. This will make your kids feel loved and cared. If they are teenagers with phones, you can record a short video and send it to them. You can be creative this.

Spending quality time with your children will allow them the opportunity to learn and be heard. This is also the perfect time to connect with your kids. So, don’t just use your free time to spend with your kids, free your time for them.