Shopping yourself healthy

salad on Fitness ObservatoryAbs are made in the kitchen. That’s what you’ll likely hear from your trainer.

That means it doesn’t really matter how many crunches you do daily. It’s what you put into your body on a daily basis which really matters.

Basically, you can be at the gym every evening and go jogging every morning, but if you eat fried, fatty foods your body will still look the same as a piece of fried chicken.

Bumpy, blotchy and oily. Not a good look for anyone. So, if what you eat makes such a difference, how do you make sure you’re eating healthy on a daily basis? Well, it all starts when you’re in the supermarket. The reality is your health is important. You only need to take one look at health insurance company products to see the importance of a balanced lifestyle chock full of nutritious foods and plenty of exercise.

There’s so much talk at the moment about eating healthy and exercising. And it’s about so much more than a trend or fad. It’s a lifestyle. A real, sustainable lifestyle change starts in your mind. But in reality, the change starts in the supermarket. So, how can you ensure your trips to the store are making it easy for you to eat healthy, delicious food on a daily basis?

Shop around the edges

Think about your last trip to the supermarket. The outer aisles are the ones with the fresh produce. That’s where you likely found the vegetables, fruit, meat, seafood and dairy products. The middle aisles are usually filled with processed foods and temptations like sweets. And those are the aisles you should be avoiding. You should instead focus your shopping on the edges and then move inward as necessary. There’s no need for you to walk up and down every aisle.

Go with a plan

It’s when you wander aimlessly around the supermarket that you make impulse purchases. Keep an ongoing shopping list in your kitchen and add to it daily. When you use the last of an item, add it to the list. You’ll be far less likely to buy random items if you commit to only shopping for items on your list.

Don’t go to the shop when you’re hungry

It’s very true that if you go shopping when you’re hungry, you’ll be more likely to stock up on all the kinds of unhealthy foods you’d usually avoid. Those bags of chips and bars of chocolate will just look so tempting. Rather, choose to go shopping when you’re feeling satisfied and motivated to stick to your healthy eating plan.

Spend time in the fresh produce aisle

Take your time in this aisle. This is an opportunity for you to look for fruit and veg that’s in season, and even on sale. Whatever your diet, it should include many greens. If you truly want to live a healthy life, you’re going to need to spend some time becoming more used to eating and enjoying many different fruits and vegetables.

Check the labels on your groceries

Or better yet, don’t buy anything with a label. The sad truth is that processed foods, the kind with labels, are packed full of salt, sugar and fat. That’s why it’s better to stick to fresh produce and shopping around the edges. There are far fewer labels in these areas.

Stock up on healthy snacks

You very likely can’t live without some snacks in your diet. As much as you’d like to think you can make do without, you’ll probably need a mid-afternoon pick-me-up when you start losing energy and enthusiasm. It’s a good idea to always have a supply of healthy snacks nearby, think popcorn kernels, fruit, nuts and rice cakes. Keep these in your desk drawer at work and the cupboard at home. You’ll find you’ll never be tempted to order from your favourite takeaway place again.

Remember, a healthy diet isn’t one based on deprivation. You’ll only find yourself resisting your new plan. Your aim should be changing your lifestyle in sustainable ways. That means an eating plan that’s healthy but still satisfying.