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Motivational Quotes Winners and Losers

Another of our inspiring and motivational quotes: “Winners do what losers don’t want to.” – Allen Copeland

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How to Get Rid of Stretch Marks

Men and women of all ages are often concerned with them, and wonder how to get rid of stretch marks. Lines on the external surface of the abdominal skin, which…

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How to Stay Fit and Healthy in the Summer Heat

Warm weather is fun. But fun in the sun can be overdone, thus it’s essential that you know how to stay fit and healthy in the Summer heat. To make…

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Work Out Like a Formula 1 Driver

Many people tend to underestimate the prime athletic status of Formula One™ drivers. All they do is sit in a car and spin the wheel for a couple of hours,…

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Healthy Snack Recipe – Crunchy Wrapped Banana

A filling and nutritious snack using fresh bananas and sultanas from the Heart Foundation. This delicious recipe can also be served for dessert. Serves: 4 Cooking time: 5 minutes Ingredients…

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Common Myths About Weight Loss Explained

Dieting is surrounded by myths and gimmicks. No single food or diet can help you lose weight. Low carb, high carb, high protein or limited diets can damage your health….