Optimise your workout by choosing the right gear

fitness-1677212_960_720Getting yourself to the gym can be an absolute drag sometimes. Even those of us dedicated to our gym routine find it hard to always stick to it. Having nice gym clothes and gear is definitely a good motivator but the right sportswear and equipment can actually improve your workout.


Here’s what you should consider investing in to optimise your workout and always perform at your best.


Choose clothing that is breathable


The term breathable refers to how quickly moisture can pass through the clothing. If the fabric your gym clothes are made of isn’t breathable then all the sweat and moisture will be trapped. This will have you sweaty and damp throughout your workout and probably quite smelly. When you next head out to spoil yourself with a new gym get-up, look for clothing that’s made from natural fibres such as cotton. This way you’ll never have to worry about gross-looking sweaty patches and being uncomfortably damp and sticky throughout your training session.


Make sure you have support


This is applicable to everything to do with gym. Wear supportive clothing that is not too tight but holds everything in place. Take precaution to not have an embarrassing moment. For instance, if you’re wearing shorts then wear tights underneath them and don’t wear anything that becomes see-through when wet or else, when you sweat, you’ll be showing off far more than your strong shoulders. Similarly, when buying sneakers or trainers make sure you buy those that are supportive. Check your pronation with the sales person and choose ladies shoes if you’re a lady and men’s shoes if you’re a guy. There is a difference. Even if you like the guys range more, men’s shoes are often broader and sometimes heavier. Also, choose the sneakers that suit the type of exercise you’re planning to do. Nowadays there’s such an extensive range to choose from it’d be wise to chat with an expert first.


Choose gadgets that are comfortable


Most people remove their jewellery and watches before they hit the gym. It can feel uncomfortable to train with something on your wrist and yet this is where most heartrate monitors and health trackers are designed for. Rather consider heartrate monitors and others that’ll strap across your chest and wireless, bluetooth connected headphones. These are two examples of gym gadgets on the market that are far more comfortable than something strapped to your wrist.


The importance of a gym towel


Gym newbies are often confused by the gym towel. We don’t often sweat that much that we need an entire towel to wipe our brow sweat. They forget though that we sweat all over the machines and you’re expected to wipe it down when you’re done. Depending on the type of exercise you do, your towel often comes in handy. For instance, if you’re a budding yogi then you’ll know the importance of a gym towel on top of your yoga mat to prevent slipping. Because gyms and exercise hubs expect their members to use a towel, gym towels have become nifty in that they can now act as a handbag while you workout. They come with discreet and sometimes waterproof or lined pouches where you can store your car keys and mobile phone. The two things many gym-goers don’t want to store in the lockers.