How to: make your fitness fanaticism pay

You love fitness like other people love Domino’s pizza and Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream. You wake up at 6am and jog around your block without breaking a sweat. Your refrigerator is packed with more healthy goods than a branch of Holland & Barrett.

But when you try to coax your pals down to the gym, they shrug you off and prefer to sit in the pub. Your other half has the motivation of a sloth on a bank holiday and your brothers and sisters would rather devour a KFC than glance at a treadmill.

It’s a lonely life being a maverick fitness fanatic, but that doesn’t mean you have to end your days jogging alone into the sunset, an Incredible Hulk credits sequence encapsulated by one nomadic runner.

There are plenty of opportunities to exercise with people. And, more importantly, there are ways to turn your passion for cardiovascular activity into a veritable money-spinner.

Get yourself qualified

Alas, gone are the days when you could rock up to a gym, flex your abs and nab a position as a private instructor. Now you need more than glistening pectorals – you need a genuine, bona-fide qualification.

Gaining a qualification is, however, relatively easy when you find the right course. Our recommendation is Future Fit, a company that combines fitness courses with nutrition courses to give you a foundational knowledge in every aspect of a healthy lifestyle.

Fitness Trainer

Image: Flickr

Dietary advice

You might assume you already know everything about fitness, but you’d be wrong – you only know everything about YOUR fitness.

Everyone has a different metabolism which impacts the effects of healthy eating and exercise. If you’re naturally lean, you’ll need to boost your calorie intake, and the opposite will apply if you’ve struggled to control your diet for most of your life.

With a hard-won qualification, you won’t have to scratch your head when someone with a different body type to yours asks you for help. You’ll be able to give them advice straightaway – and pique the interest of any potential gym employers.

Where next?

Once you’ve completed your course, the exercising world is your oyster. You can choose to train clients at the local gym, a public park or in a specially built studio. The most stable option is, as you might expect, to seek employment from a private gym, but going freelance is great if you’re only searching for some extra pocket money rather than a fulltime vocation.

Never forget, however, that your body is your billboard when you’re a gym instructor. If you ease off on your healthy lifestyle, your clients will be reluctant to continue working with you. So stay fit and keep enjoying the fruits of your labour.