Low-Cost and Weight-Gaining Shake Essentials

In today’s budget-conscious economy, building muscle can become a costly endeavor. In order to effectively add lean body mass to your frame, you’re going to have to take in more calories than your body needs to maintain itself. For the average man who works out and already weighs between 160 pounds and 180 pounds, this can translate into a lot of food.

Unless you’re a savvy shopper at the grocery store, the cost of all this food adds up quite quickly, leaving you eating away your budget by the time the first two days of the week are over.

If you wish to include any muscle-gaining supplements in your plan, this will further increase cost expenditure.

Luckily, you can very easily create some low-cost weight-gain shakes that will both replace the need to buy a commercial weight-gainers and help you pack in quality calories that will get that scale moving upward.

Low-cost weight-gain shake recipes don’t need to be complicated, but they do contain some key ingredients you must include. So, pay close attention and break out the blender for these healthy, muscle-building and penny-pinching concoctions.

Weight-Gain Shake Essentials
In order for a weight-gain shake to be effective, there are some essential nutrients you need to have present. The exact amount of nutrients is going to depend on when you’re ingesting the shake as you’ll have changing needs throughout the day.

Immediately before or after your workout you will want to prepare a shake consisting primarily of protein and fast-digesting carbohydrates, while later on in the day you should have a better balance of protein, slow-digesting carbohydrates and healthy fats to provide nutrient-rich calories.

Here are some staple sources for your low-cost weight-gain shake recipes to always have on hand, divided by macronutrient value.

weight-gaining-shakes on fitness observatory

Whey protein powder

Pasteurized liquid egg whites (do not separate raw eggs and drink the egg white)
Skim milk powder

Gatorade powder
Raw oats
Graham cracker crumbs
Dextrose (available in some grocery stores)
Fresh, canned or frozen fruit

Dietary Fat
Peanut butter
Flaxseed oil
Coconut oil

By using various combinations of these ingredients, you can create a power-packed weight gainer that contains the exact mix of macronutrients and calories that you need to fit into your diet plan.

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