Look younger without going under the knife


Age ain’t nothing but a number. And if you look after yourself you should look good in all stages of your life. You don’t have to drain your bank account to get a nip and tuck to make you look more youthful. There are other ways which could make you age more gracefully, such as drinking plenty of water, sleeping and eating healthfully. If you take time to look after yourself, the results will show up in your favour.

Here are key ways to help you look more youthful.

Drink water

The sink in your house just might be the fountain of youth. Our bodies are 60 percent water and that’s why we should stay hydrated. Our bodies can go one month without food but only a week without water. And if you want to pause the ageing process you should drink more water. Water is essential to your health. It helps keep your skin supple and glowing. It does this by removing toxins from your body resulting in fresh skin. It also helps get rid of dark bags under the eyes and hydration reduces the puffiness.

Facial exercises

As we grow older our skin loses elasticity and facial exercises can help keep you youthful. Facial exercises help reduce wrinkles and keep you looking fresh because they increase blood circulation on your face. They are also a great way of tightening the muscles on your face and this should keep your skin from sagging. Massaging your face daily will help boost collagen levels and it’ll help keep you skin elastic.

Vitamin C

In order to get skin as smooth as a porcelain doll, you need to get a lot of vitamin C in your body. Vitamin C will help improve hydration and even out your skin tone. You can also say goodbye to acne, as vitamin C will work to clear out your skin and remove harmful toxins.

Whiten your teeth

A million dollar smile like Cameron Diaz or Julia Roberts’ lights up the room. In order to get those bright pearly teeth you need to floss your teeth twice a day, flossing fights gum disease and helps reach the places your toothbrush can’t. It helps clean the spaces between your teeth. Over time your teeth might be stained and look more yellow than white. You could buy a toothpaste which will brighten your pearly whites or visit a dentist who can clean your teeth.

Watch what you eat

They say a moment on the lips is a lifetime on the hips. That’s because what you eat could reflect on your body. A fatty, sugary diet could lead to breakouts and other skin problems. What you put into your mouth has an impact on your body’s internal chemistry which affects your hormones and your skin


Many women make mistakes when it comes to applying makeup and then it ends up ageing them. Some women make the mistake of applying heavy foundation and concealer or too much blush. If you use makeup correctly it can take years off your face but incorrectly done will result in the reverse effects.  

Fruit peel facials

If you have breakouts on your skin or oily skin then you should get a fruit peel facial. You can have your own DIY facial at home and use organic foods to make your mask. You could use papaya and pumpkin in your mask they are both powerful antioxidants. The peel will eat away at dead skin leaving your skin feeling smoother and fresher. You can also add a honey mask which will give your skin a glow and soften your skin.

Stay active

Exercise can help you feel and look younger than you actually are.  Hopping on the treadmill or jogging a few times a week could keep you looking young. Exercise can help you stay younger because it creates body substance which help slow down ageing in skin.

Invest in quality skin care product

Quality skin care products can help your skin look good, and they are an investment you won’t live to regret. A good quality product should nourish and hydrate your skin. Ingram’s is a good quality product that’ll nourish your skin and help it stay moisturised throughout the day.

Combat stress

Stress can make you look haggard and add years to your face. You should try and lower your stress levels by exercising or taking long walks outside. Invest in yourself, because having too much stress in your life could be a doorway to having breakouts on your face, stress rashes and diseases.

The sooner you start looking after your body the more you will pause the ageing process. Drink plenty of water, watch what you eat, stress less and exercise your body and you’ll look good.