How to Get Rid of Stretch Marks

Men and women of all ages are often concerned with them, and wonder how to get rid of stretch marks.

Lines on the external surface of the abdominal skin, which come out during and after such periods of dramatic weight loss or pregnancy and are generally known as stretch marks. In the terminology of medicine these lines are indicated under the name of Striae. Because of the gain of sudden weight, the dermis layer begins to overstretch and exceeds its level of elasticity. So these lines start to appear on the skin as soon as the level of elasticity exceeds. Various other conditions which can cause striae are puberty, heavy workout and obesity.

And of course, the issue isn’t simply related to women and pregnancy.  Both men and women who experience dramatic weight changes dramatically can experience them.

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During puberty the hormonal change is with its peak which starts sometimes the gain of sudden weight. You regular workout of your muscles could cause stretch marks on your skin.

From few years ago the manner to get rid of the stretch marks in permanent is only a surgical process. Although the assistance’s of surgery remove these marks, you can obtain the permanent marks of the surgery itself which cannot be removed. After the surgery you may also need a certain time to recover from it. And, it is an expensive process which should be only tested when other methods failed.

Because of the constant request in the effective no surgical way to remove stretch marks, many creams were launched in last years. All are not effective but some were proven that those with the ingredients of herbs are remarkable by removing striae. Those creams often contain the same normal ingredients which are employed to prepare the remedies for the stretch marks in home.

As antioxidant and other nutrients are ingredients of these natural creams, they support the production of collagen. While more collagen is produced the new skin develops more quickly which is color of the original skin. Prepared with the perfect combination of the ingredients of herbs these striae creams saves you a lot of time that you spend to prepare the remedies in home.

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