How to Get Fit in 7 Easy Steps

How to Get Fit in 7 Easy Steps

Everybody will set themselves a goal to “Get Fit” at least once in their life.  Doing so, and staying so, are just as simple as they are essential

Step 1 – Set a Specific Fitness Goal!
The first challenge with the “get fit” goal is to clearly define what this means to you. Are you after cardio vascular fitness, strength, endurance, flexibility or body composition? Set a fitness goal by identifying one or two specific and quantifiable areas that you will focus on.

Step 2 – Tell Everyone!
Let your family and friends know what you’re trying to achieve and ask for their support.  You be amazed at the added incentive of proving to them just how able you are.

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Step 3 – Know Your Starting Point, Where You Want To Go & How To Get There!
Before embarking on the journey make sure you are fully aware of where you’re starting from, what your destination is and how you’re going to get there. This can be a minefield so you could use the services of a personal trainer to help you with this.

Step 4 – Develop A Habit!
The first few weeks of a fitness program are more about developing a habit than achieving goals.  A habit develops from doing something repeatedly, so frequency of exercise rather than duration or intensity is most important. Aim to commit to 3 to 4 times per week.  Find a training partner or a Personal Trainer who can help you stay committed, or of course join a class.

Step 5 – Set Your Workouts In Your Diary
Everyone can make time to exercise!  Put your workout times in your phone or computer calendar and make them as high a priority as all your work engagements. Having an alarm reminder might be necessary for the first few weeks.

Step 6 – Add Variety To Avoid Boredom!
Don’t do the same thing over and over.  Try something new every week if you like, or enjoy the familiarity and community by regularly attending the same class.  Join in a variety of classes that range from Pilates to Martial Arts.  Keep boredom away!

Step 7 – Reward Yourself!
If the intrinsic reward of knowing that you are doing great things for your body, mind and spirit isn’t enough to keep you motivated, reward yourself in more tangible ways.  Gifts and treats are great motivation and reward for commitment.  Something as simple as a Massage could be worth it’s weight in gold.