Hidden purposes of yoga poses

Yoga exercises are effective for enabling weight loss, bringing about a peaceful mindset, and relieving tension in the body. The biggest myth about yoga is that you need to be in shape to practice it. However, yoga will get you in shape no matter how unfit you are. All you need is a well-fitted sports bra or tank top and a yoga mat. Well-fitted clothing are important as it won’t restrict any body movements.


The benefits of yoga include strength, flexibility, stress relief and curing certain illnesses. According to Bold Sky, “Yoga can cure many chronic diseases like asthma and arthritis if it is practiced regularly.” With this in mind, who wouldn’t want to do yoga?



Tadasana yoga (mountain pose)




This pose will give your entire body a full stretch. The tadasana pose focuses on the arms, back and spine. A full body stretch on a regular basis will ease tension from your spine. This pose will relieve you from backache you might have been from standing too long or sleeping on a lumpy mattress.





Uttanasana (standing forward fold pose)

forward stan



Is anxiety and stress weighing you down? Uttanasana is a forward bending pose which aids in the relief of stress and anxiety. This pose provides a good stretch for leg and shoulder muscles. In addition to giving the legs a good stretch, by bending forward, the uttanasana pose brings a considerable amount of blood back to the brain, leaving you feeling alert and refreshed.



Trikonasana yoga (triangle pose)


The trikonasana pose strengthens the muscles, along with enhancing other functions of the body. It’s especially recommended for pregnant women as it reduces blood pressure, anxiety and stress. You’ll not only improve your balance with this pose, but also your concentration . Furthermore, the trikonasana pose is known to remove fats from the waist and thighs which is a perfect fit for your weight loss regime.




Kapalbhati yoga pose


To cure a stomach disorder or lose weight naturally, the kapalbhati pose comes highly recommended. Practicing kapalbhati for five minutes on a regular basis will remove toxins from your body and increase your metabolism. The pose is an effective relief for asthma, sinus and any kind of respiratory troubles as it opens up the airways. Besides this, the kapalbhati pose also relieves constipation and heartburn.




Baddha konasana (bound angle pose)


This pose is beneficial for easing sciatica discomfort. The discomfort felt when suffering with sciatica is caused by a compression of the spinal nerve root in the lower back. As a result, it causes discomfort in your back, hip, and outer side of the leg. The baddha konasana pose helps to open up the legs, releasing built up tension that causes pain.