Health benefits of mountain biking

picMovement is good for you. One of the best ways you become fit is through various forms of exercise involving mobility. Almost every part of your body works when you are moving and, further, being mobile serves a function, too. Things also tend to be less boring when you change the environment.

All of this should be kept in mind when you consider the real benefits of mountain biking.

Reduces disease incidents

Several studies have shown how effective cycling can be. One study of more than 50,000 women found:

“Women who reported commuting, walking or bicycling to work 30 min or more daily had slightly lower adjusted risk of breast cancer… than women working at home, being unemployed or driving a car to working place.”

The British Medical Association found that cycling just 20 miles a week could reduce the risk of coronary heart disease by 50%. This was a study done on about 10,000 civil servants, cycling over the period of a week.

Almost every major medical association recommends exercise that gets the heart pumping and the person sweating. Mountain biking is perfect for this sort of exercise and it’s guaranteed to deliver. You just need to push yourself.

Age is no barrier

Cycling need not be only for the young. Those above 40 can still participate and you can find numerous methods to keep fit. For example, when looking at mountain bikes for sale, make sure you’re getting one that doesn’t punish your joints. Check that it’s suitable for your current body strength, not one you imagine you have.

Further, you just need to be cognisant of your body. As one mountain bike expert notes: “[To avoid age catching up with us] means training smarter and not harder, focusing on the quality of what we are doing more than how much we are doing.”

The outdoors relieves stress

A key reason people acquire numerous diseases and seem to age faster is stress. The outside world and being active in it has proved consistently excellent at reducing stress levels. The Huffington Post summarises several studies showing the benefits of the great outdoors. There are several reasons for this, all to do with your reaction to various stimuli, such as sight and sound. For example, high altitudes already tests your body and can help reduce weight. Combine that with actual exercise and you have a whole fit package.

And mountain biking is one of the key ways to spend your time in the wilderness, travelling and enjoying the world beyond the confines of the city and home.

Mountain biking is perfect as it combines all the best elements of fitness and exercise, in an environment primed to aid you.

(Image credit: skeeze / Pixabay)