Gym safety tips to attract new and retain existing customers

Gym safety tips to attract new and retain existing customersWhether you’re the owner of a local gym, the manager or simply an employee, there are so many areas that require constant attention. One of them is safety. In a fitness environment, you are dealing with hundreds and thousands of members walking in and out of your doors on a monthly basis. This means that the need for proper security, among other factors, needs to be at the top of your priority list.

Most customers do extensive research before committing to any long-term contract. They want their preferred gym to have the latest and greatest equipment with risk management for anything that could go wrong. They want to feel safe and comfortable. If you hope to attract new or retain existing members, then you need to prioritise their needs. Here are a few tips to help you up your security game:

Install safe security doors

Every aspect of your environment and operation impacts the experience your facility provides. To establish a trustworthy community, you must show your club members that you care about their safety. A great way to keep your customers safe is to install an affordable turnstile security system. These doors are a great way to control access, monitoring the number of people entering your gym throughout the day. They come in a variety of different sizes, ensuring that whatever you choose will meet your requirements. (You can find a list of different turnstile options on this website:

Along with the correct safety doors, it is also recommended that you have a written policy regarding emergencies. Your system and its procedures must undergo rehearsals on a regular basis to ensure that your staff members are ready to handle emergency situations at any given time.  

Have regular maintenance checks on equipment

In a fitness environment, you should encourage a sense of culture: a culture that respects the gym’s equipment and leaves each machine the way they found it. If there is any equipment that is old or faulty, it can be a serious safety hazard to anyone making use of them. Especially with equipment that gets used every day, like treadmills and strength machines, you need to have regular maintenance checks.

Keep your gym clean and hygienic

Cleanliness is the first thing that attracts new customers and will create loyal customers out of their existing customers. A gym is a place where people are constantly sweating and are dirty, so having the equipment, floors, mirrors and everything else properly cleaned with the correct detergent, is extremely important. In order to look after the well-being of your members, make sure that you clean your equipment regularly without harmful chemicals that could affect the health of your customers.

Make sure that your staff are properly trained

Like any establishment, everyone that works in a gym needs to be properly trained in assisting customers with equipment issues, administrative concerns or with any other real-life situation that requires management assistance. If something were to happen to someone while they were busy on a machine, it would be the employees’ fault. They will give the gym a negative reputation for not communicating equipment rules or safety tips. So in that case, there needs to be proper security notices up and around the gym and if people are mistreating your equipment then those people need to be confronted about it.

Apart from the safety reasons, when people attend a gym that has positive and vibrant staff, they feel more motivated and excited to be there. Fitness doesn’t come naturally to many people, so when you have people that are encouraging you and are knowledgeable about their jobs, you will feel more at ease.

Try to implement assessments for new and current members

Gyming is directly linked to health. You cannot invite new members to join without doing fitness assessments with them. These tests can be anything from a general health questionnaire to more advanced assessment with external medical examiners. It is extremely important to have a clear idea of the kind of health conditions your members have. If something were to happen while a member is working out at your gym, your business could be held responsible for being careless.

In conclusion:

At the end of the day, people join gyms to be healthier and maintain a fitter lifestyle. If you are looking for ways to improve your facilities, look at your gym from a new perspective, as if you were a potential customer discovering your facility for the first time. If you are not supporting the needs of your customers, by keeping your gym healthy and safe, you might find it hard getting any return customers to your gym. How you and your staff treat your members will greatly determine the success of your establishment.