Get fit without a gym or personal trainer

PICThe idea of working hard to get fit is intimidating for everyone: added to that, some of us do not like the idea of paying gym memberships. There are many reasons: whether it’s the fear of paying a large expense for a service you might not use, or use so regularly to warrant paying upfront. But this should not mean we take no action to get fit or maintain fitness at all – and, too often, problems with gym fees or gym attendance are used as an excuse to do nothing.

This is the wrong attitude and we should focus on ways to keep fit without gym or personal trainers.

Perhaps the best way is to focus on activities that happen to be fun first, before being about improving your fitness level.


Most of us, when we were younger, enjoyed climbing: rocks, obstacles, anything that allowed us to reach higher levels by virtue of our own effort. This child-like yearning is very much part of what makes rock climbing so much fun for many. Speaking to Popular Mechanics, climbing expert Stewart Green said, to start, you should begin indoors.

“Climbing indoors is easy and safe, and it’s a great way to try the sport and see what it is about. You can rent equipment, get instruction, and learn basic climbing skills.”

This also provides opportunity to watch more experienced climbers and help you set a path toward improvement.

Though climbing eventually leads outdoors, some of us still might prefer a more grounded experience.


Cycling is enormously popular, whether on the road or off. Before you start, there are numerous guides that can provide tips – such as detailed introduction guide. They also have a guide from experts about amateur mistakes and concerns that are quite prevalent for first time bikers.

Of course, it’s important to have the right bike and cycling gear; you should know where you should practice and what constitutes proper safety tips when moving through traffic.


But these are quite obviously still sport orientated. If you want to keep fit but are still intimidated by the sporting mindset, you could try drumming on a drum kit. Indeed, studies are showing that this can be ideal for a number of people. WeightlossResources notes a study that found:

“the fact that the drummer’s heart rate is the same (averaging 140-150 BPM over 90 minutes) as the footballer’s shows that his drumming is as challenging to his body as the game of football is to the footballer.”

While obviously each person’s body is different, this could still encourage people to take up an activity that happens to benefit them on a fitness level.

There are a variety of interesting, fun ways to get fit that don’t require the gym. And all should be considered.