Fun ways to spend your summer

After a long winter, jerseys are swapped for tank tops and hot beverages are traded in for yummy ice cream sundaes. Summertime comes with beauty and sunshine. Flowers start to sprout, the leaves become lush green and the temperature gets warmer. And who wouldn’t want to spend time outside to enjoy a little sunshine? Here are a few ways you can spend your summertime.


When was the last time you sat and let the rest of the world go by, instead of scrolling through your phone? Summer is the perfect time to laze around and enjoy a picnic and have fun the good old fashioned way. The combination of good food, sun and laughter is enough to get anyone outside. Picnics are an affordable way to spend your summer days, basking in the sun, and enjoying cheese and crackers. So, grab your summer dresses, sunglasses and some sunscreen and enjoy your day lying out on your picnic towel.    

The location of your picnic is central for the mood you want to establish. Do you want to be secluded in the woods? Surrounded by water near a lake? Or would you prefer a livelier atmosphere in a park where you can lie down and people watch for a few hours.

Go to a museum or art gallery

Whether you love art or just want to explore and learn more about history and engage in an educational experience, visiting a museum is an interesting activity to do. You’ll be able to view permanent and temporary exhibitions, showcasing art spanning the centuries.

Do something new

Have you ever thought about how many hours you waste watching TV? You may not have your bucket list written out in a journal somewhere, but there are probably things you want to do before you die. It might be as small as learning to cook, or as big as taking a 2Oceans maritime training course. If you never try, you’ll never know what you’re capable of doing. When you test new waters, you’ll be able to discover things about yourself, whether it’s that you actually have killer moves or you’re really great at baking. Use your time to get over your fears and step out of your comfort zone.    

Water baby

In summer, the days are longer and the temperatures get warmer, and you may want to spend your summer days cooling down in the ocean, a lake or a pool. Of course, you don’t need to splash in the water all day to have fun. You could grab a few of your friends and go on a boat ride, play beach volleyball or just take in the beautiful scenery.  

Exercise outdoors  

Take advantage of the good weather and exercise outside instead of being at the gym all day. Spend your time outside jogging, hiking, swimming or cycling. When you exercise, endorphins are released (these are chemicals in the body which help give off positive feelings). And not only that, but when you’re exposed to the sun, you’ll get a little vitamin D and serotonin will be released, which is a hormone that boosts your mood. The combination of being out in the sun and exercising will make you feel like you just took a happy pill.

Drive-in movie

Summer is the perfect opportunity to see a movie at a drive-in. The warm weather gives you an excuse to watch a movie under the vast sky. It’s a magical experience where you won’t only be engrossed in a movie for a few hours, but you’ll also be able to stargaze under inky black skies.


Dust off your hiking boots and take a walk on worn out trails. Nothing gives you more satisfaction than gazing at a mountain peak or being surrounded by wildlife. What’s not to love about this fun-filled activity? You’ll experience a good workout and have fun doing it while immersing yourself in nature. Hiking gives you the opportunity to embark on terrains, workout your muscles and be surrounded by raw nature.

Farmers market

Enjoy a Saturday afternoon at the farmers market shopping for vegetables and fruit. Many farmers who participate in the market use organic methods to grow their produce. So, you’ll be guaranteed that the food being sold doesn’t have chemicals. And the fruits are usually ripe, tastier and more nutritious than the ones you get at your local supermarket


Cycle around your city and get lost for a few hours. Cycling is fast enough to help you get around your city more quickly than walking but slower than driving, so you’ll be able to take in the views and enjoy them. You’ll be able to enjoy your city from a different perspective.

When it’s winter, people usually hibernate in their houses because of the low temperatures. But when the sun comes out to play, you have no excuse to stay in your house all day. Explore, be active and have some good old fun.