Fun ways to get fit in summer

You either enjoy summer or you don’t. But there really are so many more activities that can be done in the summer, thanks to the beautiful weather. And, yes, most people’s goal is to be fit for summer, but why work so hard just to slip back into old habits and have to struggle through the next winter? Change up your routine with outdoor activities and stay fit in summer.


Not everyone enjoys freezing their toes off in early morning winter rides, but in summer you can beat the heat with an early start and watch the sunrise. All you need is a riding partner, some Chris Willemse Cycles gear and, of course, a bike. Pick between road and mountain biking and have some fun.

Find a route that challenges you a little and has a rewarding view at the end waiting for you. After the ride, you make sure that your route passes a local coffee shop and you can enjoy a cappuccino before heading home to start the day. Doesn’t sound like such a bad morning.

Park runs

There’s no better way to spend your Saturday morning than getting up for a 5km park run around some of the most beautiful areas in your city. You can take it easy and bring the whole family along with you. If you don’t have something like this happening in your area, do some research and take the initiative to start your own park run movement. It really is a fun way to get fit and stay fit in summer with friends and family.


If you enjoy watching sunrises and sunsets, why not go hiking up the nearest mountain and enjoy the twilight times while surrounded by nature? Find peace by walking along a path, listening to the insects that you can always hear but never see, keeping your eyes on the view of the city or the nature reserve before you, and looking forward to the rest at the top.

Grab a couple friends if you’d prefer not to be alone and pack a light picnic that everyone can enjoy together when you all get to the top.


Yoga is a great way to get fit and build core strength throughout the year. But, now that it’s summer, you can enjoy yoga classes in a park or even on the beach! The best of both – exercising and working on your tan at the same time.

The beach, in general, is a great place to get fit in the summer. It provides a more challenging terrain for your muscles, but being beside the calming ocean definitely makes up for it. And it’s a way to make the most out of a beach day. Whether it’s with yoga, a jog, volleyball (super fun), or even a game of soccer. Sun, sand, sea and sunblock is one of the better combinations in life.   

Obstacle course races

This isn’t your average obstacle course. Looking at Impi and The Grind, for example, they’re muddy, difficult and a timed challenge to be taken on as a group of fitness friends. Have fun with it, but expect to be pushed if you want your team to win. Climbing, crawling, running, jumping – prepare to do it all. And the rewards are many: increased fitness and strength, as well as team spirit and unforgettable moments.

Trampoline fitness

For those days when the heat is just unbearable, don’t succumb to an air-conditioned lounge and vegetate in front of the TV all day. There are many fun indoor sports activities (other than the gym) you can do to keep yourself fit. And that have the air-conditioning pumping.

Head over to an indoor trampoline park and find out if they offer fitness classes that incorporate cardio from jumping and strength training that covers the rest of the body. And if they don’t, there’s no harm in signing up for an hour jump session and burning some calories anyway. You can even grab some people and put two teams together for a trampoline dodgeball session and work that fitness even more.

Indoor rock climbing

Also for those hot days where rock climbing in the mountains will just leave you dehydrated with burnt fingertips and a sunglasses tan of note, it’s time to take that passion indoors till the heat wave passes.

Indoor rock climbing is also a great place to train for the real deal and work on your upper body strength to prepare you for the literal cliff faces in your life. And if you’re not yet an avid climber, then it’s a safe place to start.

Find the hobby, workout or sport for you and make the most of it in the amazing summer season.