First Aid for Babies (Infographic)

Babies might be tiny, but they have the power to turn their parent’s world upside down.

Being a parent isn’t something that you learn right away, it is something that you learn from experience. In early times people use to have grandmothers and grandfathers who would assist the parents on how to take care of the babies. But in the current scenario, we are becoming a nuclear family, and work is very time consuming.

Good parenting becomes a difficult task. We have gone through few statistics which were, frankly speaking a little bit worrisome. Over 500,000 kids per year go into casualty, but what frightened us was that only 10% of parents were confident in their first aid skills. So, the team at Wooden Toy Shop thought they would try to change these numbers, and help the parents to enhance their first aid for babies skills.

They’ve created this wonderful infographic, and the techniques covered are basic first aid tips, which include telling if your baby is unconscious by gently tapping the sole of their feet. Calling their name and see if they respond. Open their airway, place one hand on forehand and tilt the head back. Use your other hand to lift the point of the chin, but remember that you need to this gently.

Another technique is helping a baby choking; you can do that by laying them face down along your thigh with the head supported. Use the bottom of your hand to give them up to five sharp blows between the shoulder blades. If the back blows don’t clear the blockage, give up to five chest thrusts. Put two fingers just below nipple level, and push in and down towards baby’s head up to five times.

Also included are techniques to treat cuts and graze, and also treating severe bleeding.

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First Aid for Babies by Wooden Toy Shop