The ‘Diet’ Foods You Should Really Avoid (Infographic)

Looking to lose some weight? Hoping to shift a few pounds? Thinking about swapping ‘fatty’ foods for the diet food ‘alternatives’? Before you get bought in by the food label on the front and the marketing hype, consider looking a little bit closer about what you intend to consume.

Swapping full fat cola for diet cola might seem like the healthier option, but it is anything but. Diet fizzy sodas are full of artificial sweeteners. One of the worst kinds is called Aspartame and it is shockingly 200 times sweeter than your average table sugar. Worse still is the fact that when a study was conducted by the University of Texas over a decade, the results were shocking.

Researchers actually found that Aspartame does not satisfy your sugar cravings, but actually prolongs them. The statistics showed that the participants of the study who drank diet fizzy sodas had a 70% higher increase in the circumference of their waistbands from the beginning of the decade to the end, when they were compared to people who never drank them.

Diet fizzy sodas are just one of the many culprits. For more insights into what you really should be avoiding when trying to lose weight, view the infographic below that has been produced by Evoke.

Diet foods that don't help