Cycling gear you can afford

picCycling, like all sports, can be dangerous and demanding. What you need is proper preparation and the right gear. While cycling can be particularly pricey, there’s no need to break the bank in trying to prepare.

Further, just because it is expensive does not mean you should not be attempting to find ways to protect yourself and your bike. You are what matters. By taking care of your gear and bike, you are taking care of yourself.


A long-known secret between cyclists is that extra money doesn’t mean extra protection, when it comes to helmets. You can still get a functioning, durable helmet for half the price of the most expensive ones. There’s no reason to spend all you have, as noble as that aim is.

For example, the Revel’s MIPS is focused on compact design. Its features are equipped to ride all forms of track: streets, twisting climbs and singletrack trails. As they say, the “Revel MIPS options are equipped with the Multi-Directional Impact Protection System.” This is what is most essential, since impact is what you’re wearing helmets for!

In addition there is ventilation, helping you reduce heat accumulation. These will set you back only $65.


You’d be nowhere without proper pedals. For many, the gold standard has been Shimano and rightly so. For a reduced price, the PD-M540 is a cheaper version of more expensive alternatives – being only slightly heavier than other, more expensive versions.

When you’re looking for mountain bikes for sale, always take note of the pedals. If Shimano isn’t already attached, you might want to start investing.   


Sticking with the lower half of our bodies, we need the right footwear, too. The All-Road 3 from Pearl Izumi is an obvious choice. Priced at below $100, it’s an ideal, all-round shoe, usable even in fitness classes. To stretch your money, you should always try find those items usable in multiple scenarios. A shoe that only works on a bike, for example, is less ideal than one appropriate for various scenarios.


In keeping with the theme of multiple uses, every cyclist needs to repair and adjust their bike. To that end, Topeak’s Mini 18 is ideal, featuring a variety of tools such as screwdrivers, a chain pin tool, and various wrenches. At under $50, it’s an ideal and essential multi-purpose device you can carry with you all the time.