Competitive ways to keep fit

competitive fitness

So, you’re not really a team player and you don’t like the idea of joining the local soccer team. But you also like to get competitive while getting fit? Well, you don’t have to join the gym in order to keep active. There are other ways to compete against others while not having to join a team.

Here are some adrenalin-pumping ways to get fit and have a little friendly competition at the same time.


Running is a solitary sport at first. You want to start out the right way before you begin entering marathons and other hectic races. But once you’ve trained your body, got the right gear and put your mind to it, you can start hitting the racetrack like a pro. Whether sprinting is your thing or you’re more into long-distance running, you’ll find that you quickly start to compete against yourself and other runners. You’ll also find that it’s a highly addictive activity that will keep you busy and give you so much more energy.   


Tennis is not a team sport (unless you play doubles), but you’ll find that it has the same competitiveness. You may want to start out slowly when you’re still a beginner, but you’ll soon be able to join a club and put your skills to the test. You can either grab a friend and have a friendly game or set yourself up with better players to improve your game. There are loads of trainers out there so if you feel you need expert help, don’t be afraid to ask. Of course, you have to be quick on your feet and have great reflexes to succeed at this sport.   


While you may immediately think that cycling is a solitary sport, that’s not entirely true. Cycling is actually rather competitive. The thing is, you need to be committed. In order for cycling to be competitive it needs to be something you do a lot more often than just on weekends. You need to train hard and enter races. Compete against your own time as well as other cyclists. So, buy one of the many available bicycles for sale, join a cycling club and get started. Before you know it, you could be ready to enter the Cape Town Cycle Tour.    

Not everyone is a team player and not everyone wants to join a gym. But that doesn’t mean you can’t find competitive and adrenaline-pumping ways to stay fit.