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How to stay fit and healthy without the gym

There is so much content available on how to get fit and healthy. There may not have been another period in history where exercise and being fit has been so popular….

Cycling as a hobby

Over the past few years, cycling has become an incredibly popular sport and social past time. Not only is it a great way to stay fit, but it’s an excellent…

Fun ways to spend your summer

After a long winter, jerseys are swapped for tank tops and hot beverages are traded in for yummy ice cream sundaes. Summertime comes with beauty and sunshine. Flowers start to…

7 Ways to deal with work stress

You could be stressed out because of the pressures of life or because of work. And anxiety may be keeping you up at night, but stress doesn’t have to control…


Fit and healthy at 40: never too late to start exercising

It’s a little hard to admit but after 40, your body seems to be on a constant mission to remind you that it’s not as young as it used to…

8 unique ways to keep fit

Gym isn’t for everyone. Some people are built for it and others find it restrictive. However,  everyone needs to exercise. But you don’t have to stick to the conventional route….