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Avoid the Fitness Rut in Winter

The winter mornings are chilly and even getting out of bed seems like an impossible mission. The only way to overcome a winter fitness rut is to have the buddy…

Your beginner cycling kit check-list

You were out supporting the cyclists during the Cape Town Cycle Tour’s ‘Show You Care Solidarity Ride’ this year. You caught a bit of the 2015 Absa Cape Epic. Now…

The 5 Minute Office Workout Infographic

The human body was not designed to be sedentary. So, sitting at a desk, or in front of the TV for hours is wreaking havoc on our health and well-being….

Modern bike security

As we move into an era of using different modes of transportation, many are recognising the benefits of bicycles. Indeed, in America alone, there was a noted surge last year….

Your Very Own Yoga Teacher in Your Living Room

Imagine getting home from a busy day in the office or finally having a moment to yourself once your baby/children are asleep and……..there she is!   Standing on a yoga mat…

Frequently Asked Questions on Fitness Observatory

How to Get Rid of Stretch Marks

Men and women of all ages are often concerned with them, and wonder how to get rid of stretch marks. Lines on the external surface of the abdominal skin, which…