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5 ways to keep your kids healthy

It goes without saying that your child is extremely important to you. So as a parent, you won’t even think twice about taking care of your kids. You put their…


How to be a better mountain biker

You’ve seen it on TV. Some super talented jock cycling down a mountainside at a million miles an hour, taking every obstacle in their path like they were born to…

Shopping yourself healthy

Abs are made in the kitchen. That’s what you’ll likely hear from your trainer. That means it doesn’t really matter how many crunches you do daily. It’s what you put…


Eat and exercise yourself toward health

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fitness tracker

6 benefits of fitness trackers

These days, everybody seems to be into the fitness tracking game. Trackers and monitors are being added to watches and smartphones, making it easy and more convenient for the user….


How to start your own yoga studio

Starting any business is difficult. Trying to lift it off the ground can take some time and you really need to have a thick skin to stick it through. But…