Can’t get to the gym? This is how to stay fit without it


You don’t need the gym to get into shape nor do you need the best fitness instructor to motivate you to stick to your routine. Get your body in shape by steering away from the usual workouts that use the latest gyming equipment. Moving away from conventional gym exercises brings about an element of excitement for trying new methods of getting in shape.


An endless walk in the city


If jogging in the park isn’t your thing, taking a walk in the city centre might interest you. If you don’t want to be left alone with your thoughts, walking around in the city will keep your mind occupied. You’ll observe how people go about their daily lives, all the while getting your blood pumping and your heart rate up. Whether you’re walking briskly or jogging, it doesn’t really matter.You could grab your cycling shoes and do a sunrise cycle through the CBD. You may learn a thing or two you never knew before about what happens in the city before the hustle and bustle begins.


For the love of bootcamps


If you’ve never joined a boot camp, the thought of it might scare you a bit. You’re probably  thinking of drill sergeants yelling profanities at you while you’re running through the mud, but that’s not really what it’s all about. It’s true that joining a bootcamp can be mentally and physically challenging. But it provides a great workout and teaches you how to stay positive by not to giving up.


Go hiking


Whether it’s uphill or downhill, it gets the blood pumping and often, won’t cost you a cent, depending on the route you choose to go on. The fresh air and outdoors is great for your psyche, leaving you feeling refreshed and good about life. All you need to is to lace up your takkies, grab a water bottle and off you go. Don’t forget to do a couple of stretches beforehand or you could risk pulling a muscle or worse. The best times to hike are at the start of day or late in the afternoon just before sunset.


So, skip the gym and your personal trainer and try these methods of staying in shape.