8 unique ways to keep fit

Gym isn’t for everyone. Some people are built for it and others find it restrictive. However,  everyone needs to exercise. But you don’t have to stick to the conventional route. You can try out fun alternatives which could give your body a good workout without you setting a foot in the gym. Whether you choose to dance, swim or jump rope, you should enjoy the activity so it doesn’t feel like exercise.

Here are a few ways to keep fit while still having fun.

Dancing classes

It doesn’t matter if you have killer dance moves like Janet Jackson or you have two left feet, dancing is fun. Many people love to dance, whether it’s in a public space or the safety net of their bedrooms. Dancing lifts their spirits and makes them feel alive. Dancing is also a fun and energetic way to lose the calories you’ve been dying to shed off. A study revealed that dancing kills off more calories than cycling or swimming in the same time frame. When you’re part of a dance class, you probably won’t feel like you’re exercising, which will keep you coming week after week. You could join a hip-hop, samba or freestyle class. Your body will be more flexible and you’ll lose weight, but mostly you’ll have the time of your life while doing it.

Rock climbing

If you’re an adrenaline junkie and enjoy being outdoors doing something physically challenging, then rock climbing might be the perfect fit for you. Rock climbing is about pushing yourself but it isn’t for the faint-hearted. It’s a physically and mentally challenging sport, but the payoff is worth it.


Remember when you were a kid and you could get lost in a good bout of hula hooping for ages?  Well, who’s to say you can’t still enjoy it as an adult? You could purchase a hula hoop for adults, which is a larger and heavier than the children’s one, and you could enjoy a good workout session. And the best part of hula hooping is that it’s cheap and convenient. You can do it anywhere, whether in your house or outside in a park. If you need the moral support, you could join a hula-hooping class. Your legs and your abdomen will be strengthened through the workout session.

Video games

Some people spend endless hours playing video games and don’t get much time out in the sun. If you’re one of those people, you should consider investing in games that’ll make you a little bit more active, such as WII Fit and Dance Dance Revolution. At the end of your workout session, you might be drenched in sweat, but at least you’d have had fun in the comfort of your own home.


Leave your car at home and cycle to work each day. You’ll not only help the environment but you’ll get a good muscle workout. Cycling will help you increase stamina and strength and it’s also beneficial for your heart. And riding your bicycle could be fun because you’re outdoors. You’ll even get some Vitamin D. Whether you take your bicycle on a challenging off-road track or ride on a smooth course, cycling can help you get a good workout. Invest in CWC cycling gear which will give you comfort during those rides.

Steps to a healthier lifestyle

Choose to take the stairs instead of the elevator or escalator. Taking the stairs can help you stay healthy and fit. Challenge yourself and take the stairs everywhere – at your office, the mall or anywhere you can find them.

Laughter Therapy

A laugh a day keeps the stress at bay. Your body cannot tell the difference between real actual laughter and fake laughter, so even if you don’t have a sense of humour, laughter therapy can help you. Laughter therapy will leave your body relaxed, increase your blood flow, and burn a few calories. While laughter may help your body, it can’t replace a regular workout routine.

Workout DVDs

Workout DVDs are a great way to workout in your own home without having to drive all the way to the gym. DVDs are great because you can pause them when something comes up and replay them when you’re ready to workout again.

There are lots of unique ways to get into shape that go beyond the gym.  And if your workout routine makes you happy each day, you’ll be more inclined to commit to it for the long haul.