8 common exercise mistakes

You have been diligent in your exercise routine, have a healthy eating plan, spent hours huffing and puffing on that treadmill, but the stomach fat will not go away. This could be because you are making a few mistakes that are not producing the desired outcome.


The most common  mistake that people make is that they drink water only when they are dehydrated. Water should also be drunk before, during and after a workout. People who tend to sweat more frequently should drink more water than those who do not. Your workout mode could consist of kickboxing, squash or running on the treadmill. No matter what your workout routine consists of you will perspire. Drinking cold water decreases body temperature. Another important benefit to drinking water is that it helps with reducing muscle fatigue. Drinking water is essential especially for the early risers who go to the gym. When you go to the gym in the morning you must keep in mind that you have spent seven to nine hours sleeping without water.

Exercise bras

Women tend to make the error of wearing support tank tops with no exercise bras underneath.This is a critical mistake that women make as it could have dire consequences. The correct support bra is crucial for any exercise. Working out without the use of an exercise bra could lead to tissue damage in the long run. The breast tissue experiences strain from bobbing up and down during exercise. The consequences could lead to sagging breast and stretch marks. Women who have smaller breasts might think that they are exempt from wearing sports bras, but they are affected and it’s important they wear exercise bras.

Ripped abs

Most people think that if they spend countless hours doing crunches they will gain a six pack. They are then discouraged when they do not get speedy results. In order to get ripped abs it is important that in addition to doing stomach crunches, you have a balanced diet with the right nutrients. Fatty foods must be avoided.

Neglecting stretching

Stretching is important before and after every workout. People are often exhausted from exercising that they neglect stretching but it has many benefits. It also helps with minimising muscle fatigue, helps you avoid injury, and lowers your heart rate slowly.

Limiting it to the gym

Most people tend to think that they need to limit their workout to the gym.  The excuses of not going to the gym are vast, from not having enough funds to the weather being terrible outside. There are many other ways to work out, such as jogging outside, taking a walk with your dog or just doing a few crunches in you lounge. There are also other fun options such as cycling or joining a soccer team. The list is endless in order to get into shape.

Rushing the process

You could be sweating it out at the gym for hours but not get the desired results you have been working hard for. Seeing drastic results might seem to take forever but you have to be patient. Losing weight is a process that takes time and diligence. Frustration may lead to people giving up far too early because they expect immediate results. Some people take faster to lose weight and others take a longer amount of time to lose it. There are many varied reasons why an individual’s progress is different to next. Factors such as a slow metabolism and the medication an individual is taking may be slowing progress.

Reading on the gym floor

You might think you are killing two birds with one stone, by reading a magazine on the treadmill or recumbent bike. The results you will obtain from reading while working out will be slower, because your concentration levels will be split between the two tasks. It is much more effective to rather listen to music while you are working out.

Repetition of workout method

There will be little progress that will come from repeating certain workout modes at the gym. It is not efficient and effective, as the body is quick to adapt to routine. In order to be fully effective, various workout modes must be experimented. You can switch up the length and intensity that it will take you to perform certain activities.

There are many reasons why people spend lengthy hours at the gym. The motivation could be a slimmer, healthier body or getting chiseled abs. The desired results might be taking longer than expected because there are many aspects neglected when on the gym floor. They cause a hindrance to the effectiveness of the workout. The progress made on daily basis could change drastically if we changed minor things such as drinking water, stretching before and after a workout or just by wearing a exercise bra. It is important that attention is paid and we kick out the bad habits.