7 Ways to deal with work stress

You could be stressed out because of the pressures of life or because of work. And anxiety may be keeping you up at night, but stress doesn’t have to control your life. You need to find a way to work around it and manage it. Here are a few ways you can handle your stress.

Tell a colleague

Confiding in a colleague could help you get through work anxiety. Sometimes when you’re going through a difficult patch you think you’re the only one who has gone down that road. But you should tell a colleague you trust about what you’re going through. They might have gone through the same thing and they may be able to tell you how they solved the problem.

Avoid working on weekends

When you’re dealing with work pressure you, unfortunately, can’t switch off and stop thinking about it when you knock off. The stress follows you home and can even seep into your weekends. You may feel stretched thin because of deadlines and decide to work extra hours when you’re supposed to be resting. But it’s not a good idea because your body needs to recuperate. You need to set a healthy balance between your work life and your personal life. Working during weekends could cause you to have a burnout. Your work should not take over every aspect of your life. And the only reason why you should be firing up your laptop on an early Saturday morning is to binge watch your favourite series. After all, we work so we can enjoy life.

Healthy lifestyle

The type of food you eat every day has an impact on the amount of energy you’ll have throughout the day. Eating healthy food will boost your energy and concentration. When you have a lack of energy there are a few foods which can help give you a natural boost.

Here are a few food items you can add to your diet:

Dark chocolate

Dark chocolate contains theobromine which is like coffee and can help increase your energy and mood.

Lemon water

By now you know that water is good for you. But in order to increase its effects, you can add lemon to your water. It will transform your water into a natural energy drink. That’s because lemon is rich in minerals and vitamins. Drinking lemon water will help your body fight off fatigue during the day.

Sweet potato

Potato has Vitamin A and Vitamin C, which can help perk you up during the day when you feel fatigued. You can mash up the sweet potato and eat it during your lunch break.


If you want an afternoon boost, bananas are perfect as they will keep you going throughout the rest of the day. For a good snack, top up your banana with peanut butter. Bananas have glucose, fructose and sucrose, which will help give you a powerful jolt of energy during the day.

Go on holiday

Take a vacation. Taking time off to relax, whether it’s to go camping or going to your gran’s house, can make all the difference. Sometimes you just need a change of scenery and environment in order to get back on track.  


A good workout session can combat the stress. When you feel anxiety and pressure from work, sometimes you need to get physical. Exercise helps fight off anxiety. When you’re stressed, you often tense up, which could cause headaches and tension in your back and neck. Exercise can help release the tension and get you to relax.

Laughter is medicine for the soul

Laughter heals all wounds. It’s the best medicine andt it has no side-effects. A few bouts of laughter can help reduce any anxiety and help you overcome a difficult situation. So, whether you choose to go to a comedy club or just watch a funny movie, it’ll help you because it’ll lighten your mood.

Take a walk

When you can’t focus at work, a simple walk can help clear your head. A walk out in the sunshine can help you regroup and give you an energy boost to get you through the rest of the day. If you’re feeling pressured, take time away from your computer and be out in the sunshine. When you’re out in the sun endorphins are released (a hormone which boosts happiness).  

Too much on your plate

You might be stressed out because you’re juggling a lot of things at one time. For example, you might be studying an HR management course part time at a prestigious college like Boston while working a full time job. In order to do both, you need to create a study plan and make sure you tell your boss so you can negotiate a more study-friendly schedule.

You need to find ways to deal with anxiety and stress in your life, otherwise it could lead to serious health ramifications. Look after your health first and learn to manage you time at work so you’ll be able to meet deadlines and not be overwhelmed.