7 signs of heart problems (Infographic)


Dizzy for no apparent reason? Sweating or clammy even while relaxing in your chair? Swollen feet? None of these symptoms immediately suggest themselves as being related to the heart, but recognizing and acting on such clues can be vital in identifying and treating a heart problem before it’s too late.

The human cardiovascular system is a weird and wonderful machine that runs from your brain to your feet, so there’s no reason to believe that heart problems will manifest only in the engine room. Diverse phenomena such as memory loss or reduced tolerance to exercise (including everyday activity such as walking up stairs) can indicate impaired blood flow, and pain that originates in the heart may manifest elsewhere: shoulders, arms, jaw etc. This is the nervous system weighing in with its own complex communication system!

Whatever the symptom – and they’re neatly laid out in Dr Gigi Taguri’s infographic below – it is essential to see a doctor as soon as possible if the signs are pointing towards a heart problem. Quick, effective treatment can help to deal with the issue before it gets out of hand – it pays to listen to your body, even when it’s talking in code.