5 high-intensity fitness trends that make you lose weight fast

Losing weight quickly and sustainably is a tricky task when you’re super-busy.

Cheap 24-hour gyms are great but childcare and business demands can make you lose focus — meaning your fitness regime will be put on hold before you know it.

But childcare responsibilities and business engagements can put a cap on dreams of a ripped physique permanently.

So here are five high-intensity fitness trends that make you lose weight fast without sacrificing huge chunks of precious time.

T 25

If you can spare 25 minutes daily for five days each week, fitness Guru Sean T promises that T25 brings amazing results.

DVDs guide you through a 10 week programme that mostly relies on aerobic bodyweight exercises and minimal kit.

Focus interval training involves non-stop repetition of aerobic moves and light weights work.

So if you’re used to moseying round the gym checking your iPhone you better prepare to focus.

But fans report rapid results and love the convenience and flexibility that are the hallmarks of T25.


CrossFit has a cult following amongst keep fit fans yearning for a lean athletic look that’s low-maintenance.

The programme is based on functional fitness — a mix of natural exercises from gymnastics, weightlifting, running and rowing.

Sessions involve high-intensity training for around an hour in a sociable and friendly atmosphere.

Gyms have all of the specialist kit required but aren’t typically luxurious —you might find a lockable drawer to stash your valuables but don’t expect spa-style luxury.

Tough Mudder

If you don’t mind a bit of dirt in your fitness regime Tough Mudder is a superb choice.

Members get a three-month weekly workout plan they can complete solo with online support or with teammates if time permits.

Training is aimed at the main goal — a 10-12 mile outdoor mud and obstacle course that’s more akin to military training than a genteel gym session.

Tough Mudders are often sponsored for their favourite charity — and a cold beer or cider awaits everyone that reaches the finish line.

Tough Mudder

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British Military Fitness

If you want battle-tested muscles, British Military Fitness gets you fighting fit.

Instructors come from the ranks of British Armed Forces so they know what it takes to drain every ounce of sweat from participants.

Members come from all walks of life and the programme is tough and transformational.

Events include muddy five mile assault courses with water obstacles, corporate packages designed for busy businesswomen and even six day fitness breaks in sunny locations.

Ultra White Collar Boxing

If the thought of punching your boss in the face perks you up, Ultimate White Collar Boxing lets you fulfil your fantasy without risking incarceration.

Rookie pugs learn the ropes form qualified boxing coaches over an eight week period.

The finale is a black-tie charity boxing night where bloodthirsty corporate colleagues watch you and your line manager trade blows for real under the bright lights.

And if you knock your boss into the second row, your next one-to-one will have a whole new dynamic.

These five high-intensity fitness trends leave you looking ripped and feeling great — at breakneck speed.

What high-intensity fitness trend is your favourite? Share your stories in the comments section.